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Welcome to the Master Class

During 3 days, 10 finalists of the competition Push Your Art benefited of a Master's class rich in exchanges and in exceptional meetings around the 3D subject. The jury will appoint on Tuesday the prize-winner of this competition, the artistic project will be produced by professionals of the 3D and exposed in the Palais de Tokyo in September, 2013.

Upon their arrival in the Palais de Tokyo, on Thursday, March 21st, the finalists were welcomed by the President, Jean de Loisy, who expressed them a welcoming word. After that, it was the turn of the British artist Richard Wentworth, to break the ice, by inviting each of the finalists to introduce themselves.

The afternoon was dedicated to a theoretical introduction in the 3D. Gallien Chanalet-Quercy, director of the company Cow Prod, opened the ball with a conference on the history of the 3D and its elementary principles. Jérôme Fournier, engineer to Orange Labs, took over by introducing to the finalists the technical aspects of this technology in permanent evolution. Joséphine Derobe, the stéréographe of the movie of Wim Wenders, Pina, closed this first day of Master's class by presenting the wide range of visual effects made possible by this medium.

Bienvenue aux Master Class
Welcome to the Master Class