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From theoretical to practice

On Friday, March 22nd, the second day of Master's class, gave way to the practical part. During the morning, the candidates divided into 3 groups participating in workshops led by professionals. So they got acquainted in the various cameras and the techniques of realization of images in 3D.

This practical and theoretical initiation fed the reflection of the candidates who, during the afternoon, presented their artistic project to Anaël Pigeat, art critic and editor-in-chief of the magazine Art Press, and to Joséphine Derobe.

Following these interviews, the conference of commissioner of art Matthieu Poirier allowed them to make the link between the use of 3D and the work of numerous artists of the XXth and XXIth century on the perception and the optical illusion. This second day of Master's class ended on the projection of the movie in 3D of Wim Wenders, Pina, which completed the example of the artistic possibilities offered by this medium.

De la théorie à la pratique...
From theoretical to practice