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The graduates

On Tuesday, March 26th, the participants of the Master Class presented their artistic project to the jury, showing their preparatory works such as videos, sketches and mockups.

The candidates were rather anxious, as the jury would only select one project to be produced and exhibited in the Palais de Tokyo alongside a 3D video of Mathieu Mercier.

After a stormy debate, each member of the jury defending his favorite project, the jury finally took a decision.

The prizewinner, Cecile B. Evans, did not contain her joy as Mrs Christine Albanel announced the results. The 3 other nominees, Philipp Alexander Engelhardt, Romain Sein and David Ancelin also expressed their surprise and enthusiasm. Their preparatory work will be also exhibited in Palais de Tokyo in September 2013.

The Push Your Art experience is far from ending for Cécile B. Evans as she will realise her artistic project with the support of 3D experts in the coming months. The final result will be exhibited in Palais de Tokyo in September.

Les lauréats
The graduates