The graduates

Palais de Tokyo

Cécile B. Evans

Born in 1983, Cécile B. Evans is a belgium-american artist based in Berlin and London. Graduated from the University of New York in theatre, she has presented several solo and collective exhibitions at Wilkinson Gallery (London), Spencer Brownstone Gallery (New York), Bergen Art Museum (Norway), 319 Scholes (New York), De Joode & Kamutzki Auction (Berlin), and ReMap3 (Athens). She is the 2012 recipient of the Emdash Award, which resulted in a commissioned work for the Frieze Art Fair in London. At fall 2013, she will be in residency at the Wysing Arts Centre, in Cambridge.

The project : The Brightness is a 3d video that confronts loss through the allegory of Phantom Limbs. Using the familiar talk show format, the piece begins with an interview of Dr. Cecile B. Evans, a specialist in Phantom Limbs that also bears the same name as the artist. The piece will employ 3d to explore images that take a hyper real form, volume, and space and yet remain completely elusive. This crippling immateriality, equal parts magic and mundane, will be joined by a troupe of dancing teeth to both support and disrupt perceptions of loss, death, and illness.

Palais de Tokyo

David Ancelin

Born in 1978, David Ancelin is a French plastician artist. He obtained his Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique in 2005. He lives and works at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris and teaches serigraphy at the School of Fine Arts of Toulouse. He has taken part in several collective exhibitions such as 45 mile baci from Bubaque (Guinée Bissau) in 2008 and Urevei E Ruvei at Castello delle Lucertola in Apricale (Italy) in 2011. In 2007, he presented, on Anthony Huberman’s invitation, the installation Avis de grand frais for the exhibition M, nouvelles du monde renversé at Palais de Tokyo. In 2008, he presented his sculpture Flipper in a solo exhibition at Monnaie de Paris. His work is part of the Mamco collection in Geneva and several private collections.

The project : Deep blue is an installation with variable shapes and dimensions that can be interpreted in multiple ways. Motionless image of a dive in an empty pool, magnification of the impact of a drop of water or monumental architecture for a desert, the squares it is made of remind us of pixels and allows unlimited possibilities. The shapes created by the concentrics waves can trigger an optical schock that strenghten the sens of the unsettling strangeness of the central form.

Palais de Tokyo

Romain Sein

Born in 1981, Romain Sein is a French artist who mainly works with video and drawing. Graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de l’Image d’Angoulême, he is also speaker at the Ecole d’Art de Bayonne and the University of Versailles. In 2006, the mini-videos he made out of the images of th moon conquest were presented at Palais de Tokyo. Recipient of the Culture France grant in 2007, he has taken part in several artistic manifestations such as the International Guerrilla Video Festival in Dublin (Ireland) in 2009 and the European media art festival in Osnabrueck (Germany) in 2011. Ha has also taken part in collective exhibitions such as Spazio monitor, La Pelanda in the Museum of contemporary art of Rome in 2010

The project : Daredevil or Teufelskerl is a project based on the Teufelstisch, a spectacular standstone block located in a clearing of the Black Forest, in southwestern Germany. According to the legend, this massive « « table» of 39 feet was built by the Devil himself. Romain Sein asked a professionnel rock climber climber to climb the « devil’s table » in a very short period of time. A stereoscopic device fixed to a crane will film the ascent. The camera movement will reveal the volume of the table as the rock climber gets to the top of the boulder.

Palais de Tokyo

Philipp Engelhardt

Born in 1984, Philipp Engelhardt is a German multimedia artist who lives and works in Karlsruhe. Studied at the HfG University of Art and Design Karlsruhe, he has taken part in several collective exhibitions such as Renaissance Nancy 2013, Electronics Alive biennial VII at the Gallery Bailey Art Studios in Tampa (USA) and Tracing home at the Siggraph Art Gallery Vancouver/ Canada where he presented his first 3D work called Hildapromenade.

The project : in “Sunday painter” the artist Philipp Engelhardt reconstructs his great-grandfather’s sunday paintings in 3D space and animates some parts of them in order to create a silent story of slow movements and changes. While the original paintings correspond to the view of the painter`s right eye, “Sunday painter” is the reconstruction of the view of his left eye. By projecting this reconstructed second view over the original painting, a stereoscopic image is produced and merges the two different times and media together. This is a continuation of Engelhardts previous piece “Hildapromenade” that was exhibited at Siggraph 2011 and in which he animates pictures from a photo-album that he found on the street.